Bucharest Violin ::
Solid carved European violin, featuring even grain spruce tops and solid carved two-piece maple backs. These violins feature inlaid purfling, full lining and corner blocks and ebony accessories, including pegs, nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, saddle and button. Knilling shop adjustment includes four Buschmann tuners, Sacconi tailpiece loop, German maple bridge and Super Sensitive Red Label strings. Outfit includes No. 403 thermoplastic case with aluminum valance, No. 2183 Knilling-Glasser fiberglass bow with synthetic hair, rosin and pitchpipe.
4KF violin 4|4
4KT violin 3|4
4KH violin 1|2
4KQ violin 1|4
4KE violin 1|8
4TN violin 1|10
4S violin 1|16
4F outfit 4|4
4T outfit 3|4
4H outfit 1|2
4Q outfit 1|4
4E outfit 1|8
4TN outfit 1|10
4S outfit 1|16