Nagoya Etude Violin ::
Solid carved spruce tops and solid carved maple back, maple ribs, inlaid purfling, ebony trim including pegs, nut, saddle and endpin. Shop adjusted to MENC specifications. Includes metal tailpiece with four fine tuners and Suzuki flat wound chromesteel strings. Outfit includes No. 403 plush-lined thermoplastic case, No. 2183 Knilling-Glasser fiberglass bow with synthetic hair, rosin and pitchpipe.
1844VNC violin 4|4
1834VNC violin 3|4
1812VNC violin 1|2
1814VNC violin 1|4
1818VNC violin 1|8
1810VNC violin 1|10
18116VNC violin 1|16
1844VNC outfit 4|4
1834VNC outfit 3|4
1812VNC outfit 1|2
1814VNC outfit 1|4
1818VNC outfit 1|8
1810VNC outfit 1|10
18116VNC outfit 1|16