Nicolo Gabrieli’s underlying concept is providing players extraordinary instruments through the use of superior European tonewoods, and combining the skilled workmanship of both dedicated European and American master luthiers to bring forth the very best each individual instrument has to offer.
Each Nicolo Gabrieli violin, viola or cello is crafted exclusively from premium European tonewoods sourced in Bosnia, Germany and Romania, traditional regions where the indigenous spruce and maple have long been prized by luthiers since the days of Stradivari for their superior acoustic properties. Control over this aspect of production, including annual selection and harvest of the actual trees, and loft seasoning of the harvested tonewood, ensures the availability of stable, premium tonewoods far into the future.
Evaluating the quality and age of the wood, testing the flexibility of the plates, refining the graduation and precise shape and placement of components such as the bass bar are all painstakingly undertaken with the sole objective of generating in each instrument the projection, balance and response characteristics of a fine string instrument. The results speak for themselves: superb instruments built in the true master art tradition at price points accessible to advancing players.

The luthiers in the Anton Eminescu Shop have been handcrafting fine string instruments since the end of the 20th century for players around the world. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated finishing techniques result in instruments which reflect their passion to bring players the best of Romanian master instruments at affordable prices.
The 126F Master model cello is a sonic powerhouse. It features a premium-aged Carpathian spruce top as well as a hand-selected Carpathian maple back, ribs, neck and sides. The 126F Master model is graduated for exceptional tonal balance and is finished with hand-applied oil varnish. Like every Eminescu model, the Master model features all ebony trim. The 126F Master model cello comes with D’Addario Kaplan Amo strings standard.