Over the years at Music World, we have been fortunate to have access to the Knilling string line. There are multiple reasons why these instruments are used in our rental inventory, school programs and for customers purchases. In our community that we service, we have a couple of large school districts that have thriving string programs, from elementary up to high school.

The teachers and administrators all share with us their desires to see quality instruments in their classrooms, while providing something that has value, consistency (fit and finish), great tone and reasonable prices. Knilling hits all of these aspects due to their diversification of build options and attention to build detail. We sell and rent the super popular, Romanian made Bucharest models, and the rental friendly overseas school models. The school model is solid wood, has real ebony fittings, and are made of quality components that last in a rental pool. The Bucharest models are attractive instruments that are built for longevity, fantastic tone production and response, and are of European origin. Also we find that the step-up models in both Knilling and Sebastien outfits provide a great progressive instrument at competitive prices. Many of the models are available in a variety of build options, in laminate or solid carved woods. Along with customizations of fittings and outfit upgrades, this gives us the most flexibility in meeting district needs, in-store customer purchases and our own rental pool inventory.

Another great thing that often gets overlooked, but it’s one of the reasons why we love the Knilling brand, is the people who make them and stand behind them. Their customer support team has been top notch ever since we joined on with them, and doing business with them as a retailer, has been nothing but a joy. These are the gems in the music industry, and for our store, we make it our priority to work with companies who provide not only a great product, but who also stand behind them.

Matt Gohlke

Music World, Vancouver WA