The Knilling String Shop is where old world tradition meets new world technology. Every single Knilling instrument receives the proper level of care, whether it be a beginning student violin to a master level cello. Nothing leaves our shop until it’s right. Nothing leaves our building until we are 100% positive you will love playing it.



Completely re-imagined and redesigned in 2018, the Knilling String Shop is a fine example of what a modern production shop should be. The Knilling String Shop performs over 750 quality checks and measurements each day, ensuring that your instrument is in perfect working order. Each Knilling instrument is designed to respond and will play beautifully the moment you draw your bow across its strings.


Our Shop Team is experienced in all manner of string instrument production, and prides itself on continuously furthering its own knowledge of current market trends as well as historical standards. Members of the Knilling String Shop are also players who perform in some of the finest ensembles in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. They utilize their hands, and their ears, to ensure your Knilling sounds as good as it looks.